About Four Wings and the Dragonfly

Four Wings Wellness received it's name from the four wings of the dragonfly.  Throughout different cultures in the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change - change regarding self-realization that is rooted in mental and emotional health and maturity. The four iridescent wings are said to be a symbol of getting rid of self illusions that no longer serve a purpose in your life, therefore creating a clearer vision for your future.  Whenever a dragonfly visits you, it represents the reminder to live in the moment and to live your life to its very fullest potential.  This beautiful creature is an all-encompassing representation of positive change, overall wellness, and the realization that good things are yet to come.  Four Wings Wellness focuses on connecting four particular "wings" of health - body, mind, belly, and spirit - through the four wings of it's practice - Yoga, Meditation, Health & Nutrition Coaching, and Reiki.