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Welcome to Four Wings Wellness, a unique holistic health practice that offers a variety of individual treatments, classes, and events including modalities of:  Ayurveda, yoga, reiki, meditation, sound healing, nutrition, and an infrared sauna.  All classes and treatments are private and tailored to your individual needs, wants and goals.  That way, our time together is more productive and the attention is focused directly on you.  The mission here is to provide a welcoming, safe, peaceful space for you on your healing journey, as well as to create a place for our community to come together to learn and grow.  We invite you to be present and remain open to new possibilities on your path, and if we don't have what you're looking for, we're happy to do our best to help you find it!  Thanks for stopping by!


Mon-Sat: By appointment only

Sunday:  Closed 

Please contact Johanna directly to book a class or treatment

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